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In other lives, Kio has worked in journalism, interactive advertising, community research, and game design.

She has taught about stranger interactions at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and serves frequently as an advisor to the Knight News Challenge competition.

Government entities around the world (including the European Commission, are currently grappling with the fact that the new generation of technologies and of users calls for a new generation of data protection governance.Some creep pretending to be the Jonas Brothers asked me to show him my boobs on Chatroulette the other day. But the experience, like most of my brief foray into the wild world of Chatroulette, left me rattled. But I was shaken: in the short time I had been on Chatroulette, I had chatted and made webcam eye contact with a few dozen complete strangers, including a handful of perverts and not-the-Jonas Brothers.The new bare-bones Internet chat program, invented by a 17-year-old whiz kid in Moscow, connects users by webcam with one random stranger after another. I felt like a protective layer had been ripped off and, frightened by the social rawness of it all, I didn't want to play anymore.With an air of I-can-do-something-crazier-than-you exhibitionism, the game is both a throwback to the days of 1990s chat rooms and a step toward a brave new world of international web intimacy. The next day a spokesperson for the Jonas Brothers told me the video I had seen was taken from a web chat they did on Sept.Plug in your webcam, go to hit "play" to give the imaginary wheel a spin. With more than 20,000 people online at a time, there are plenty of pickings. 15, 2007."I'm sorry you had this dreadful experience and want to reassure you Jonas Brothers would never comport themselves in this manner," she wrote in an email. We strive to be friendly and inclusive for everyone.

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