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Strathcona County does not receive any of the transaction fee when this method of payment is used.

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When things went wrong in your family, did you tend to be the fall guy?

Special thanks to our entertaining auctioneer, Garry Meyer.

We had 105 adult and youth volunteers with representation from Rotary, Sherwood Park United Church, ABJ High School, Titans Lacrosse, 169th Glen Allan Scouts, Sherwood Park Soccer, the Lorenz Team and Robin Hood. International's goal is to teach literacy, numeracy and life skills to children living on the streets of Mumbai, India and surrounding areas by providing educational services and also associated social welfare services such as nutrition, health care, medicine, housing support and micro finance. International was founded by local resident, Tania Spilchen, who first went to Mumbai to work at an internet agency on an exchange program. Our donation to the Step-Sponsorship program will help to cover the operational costs of a single step classroom.

* Click Here for the Latest Information on West Nile Virus* NOTE: If you would like to have alcohol at your gathering, you MUST go to the Township Office in person with proper identification and proof of age over 21.

You will need to complete all paperwork in person and provide payment at that time.

Do you find yourself encountering recurring disrespect from friends or colleagues?

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