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A special primer called The BIGginning was aired on March 16, 2008.It showed the selection process used to choose the fourteen official housemates.Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus was the second edition of Pinoy Big Brother for adolescents 16 to 19 years. It premiered on Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008, Toni Gonzaga returned as primetime host; this was also the first Teen Edition that she would be hosting.Mariel Rodriguez, the previous Teen Edition primetime host, also returned to host the late afternoon edition, Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus Über.It’s a fairly arbitrary hurdle for children and is more of a symbolic gesture on the part of Skout than an actual commitment to change.What makes the site dangerous is that there aren’t any safeguards in place to verify users’ ages or to filter out inappropriate content.Besides, New York City was the place where I was determined I’d learn the craft and become a true actress dahil pag-napapanuod ko ang mga pelikula ko talaga nuong araw, nasusuka ako sa acting ko!Looking back now, I must admit that moving bases was a very impulsive thing to do at the time.

I had to bid the aquarium lifestyle goodbye — for my sanity and my search for fulfilling artistic pursuits.

This man has sold Dubai to the world as the city of One Thousand and One Arabian Lights, a Shangri-La in the Middle East insulated from the dust-storms blasting across the region.

He dominates the Manhattan-manqué skyline, beaming out from row after row of glass pyramids and hotels smelted into the shape of piles of golden coins.

The article, written by Dan Lyons at Newsweek’s The Daily Beast, can be read here.

The company has subsequently closed the app and only publishes the adult version, however, there isn’t any difference between the two versions except that the adult version “requires” that you’re 18 or older to join.

That combined with the fact that the site pushes users to upload pictures of themselves means underage children could be chatting and sharing pictures of themselves with adult users.

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