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Either being loved or hated, Char was the focus of many people’s attention.

In each season of the Bad Girls Club, one or more girls is asked to leave the house either from violence, physical fighting, or leaves on their own accord, which then gives the producers a chance at a new "bad girl" who arrives to the house in a couple days to replace the fellow bad girl who was removed or left.

Their relationship resulted in the two spending time in Canada together, some “peach eating” activities, and then a break-up that resulted to Drake being allegedly tied to dancer Maliah.

Source: Oxygen Char was a very polarizing personality on her season.

She grew up with a tight knit family and a bossy twin sister, fellow “Bad Girl” Gabi.

Tensions rises between Gia, Amy and Jenna causing multiple physical altercations into the house.

Before appearing on the show, she was associated with being the reason young, uber-couple, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up. Smith, like all these athletes I’m blocked by them because they were like: “Oh, this Itchbay is telling all of our business.”Ms.

In Milyn opening introduction on BGC, she expressed that being connected to celebrities is nothing new to her.“I had sex with Rob Kardashian (worse sex ever)… Jensen isn’t the first girl from The Bad Girls Club that has been allegedly associated with celebrities either before, during, or after their time on the show, so why don’t we take a look at the women who have: Source: Oxygen Season three introduced the world to Tiffany Davis.

Superlungs (1st Version, Unissued Alternative Take) () 14.

Epistle To Dippy (Early Alternative Arrangement) () 01.

The now married diva started her season with a bit of controversy by being linked to Chris Brown, post-Rihanna… But Natalie upped the ante by expressing on the first episode of her season that “Rihanna was a punk Beyotch,” “crazy,” and “got what she deserved.”Natalie has since apologized and went on to allegedly be linked to other celebrities (Shaq, Wiz Khalifa) but has settled down with her husband Jacob, and penned her first book.

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