Rhys ifans dating anna friel


The British actress is also a fan of Jennifer Lawrence and admires the level-headedness of the young star. I mean you look at some of these newcomers and you just go ‘You’ve done it right’. It’s all perfect.”Friel is currently working on new Scandinavian drama The Heavy Water War, set in World War II and shot in three languages (Norwegian, German and English).She plays Captain Julie Smith, part of a covert British-Norwegian operation that stopped Hitler from developing an atomic bomb.

From this movie, he got nominated for Empire Award for Best British Actor as well.When I try to clarify, he just talks over me until I am silent.” *When asked if Rhys thought about press regulations, he consulted with his publicist about whether or not he should say anything, and then “he mumbled something about the press requiring ‘liberty’ but contended ‘they should also be curtailed when they f–king lie.’” By then, Turner writes, he was glaring at her and she knew the conversation had gone sour.Anna Friel has spoken about her love for Cate Blanchett. I think Blanchett,” she tells this month's In Style magazine.After much speculation, new couple Anna Friel and Rhys Ifans have stepped out in public together.Rumours started circulating after Rhys was seen outside Anna's home clad only in a dressing gown.The reaction in the UK press has been a lot of hand-wringing and inside-the-media circle-jerks – go here and here to read two prominent reactions to the piece.

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