Ronaldson tippett engine dating

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The Argentina Shearing Machine made by Ward & Payne in the UK was demonstrated in Wyoming in 1893, there were no further attempts to introduce shearing machinery into that country until William Cooper & Nephews became the Wolseley agent in the USA in 1895.In researching the history of this engine I became interested in the history of the Cooper Engineering Co.When I originally started, I set the start date of 1902, the forming of Cooper Sheep Shearing Machinery Co, and end date to 1952 the change of name to Sunbeam Corporation.Ronaldson Bros & Tippett 4hp Type CF Opposed Valve Diesel.An elderly couple sent an urgent message to me, their 32v lighting plant had stopped and would not go, on a property near Emerald.Wm Cooper & Nephews in the USA were basically a marketing company of their sheep dip.

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