Rowupdating doesn fire

Hello: I have created a project based on your attachment, and it seems that your code does not work.It appears that this code contains a serious error: This method call in the Start Row Editing event causes a loop back, so the application fails.I have a breakpoint in my Row Updating and Row Validating methods for the grid.When I click "Update", neither event fires and I get "Input string was not in a correct format". Hi Stephen, I have tried to reproduce this issue based on your markup, but wasn't able to.or don't in the case of the devexpress one Hello Marius, Thank you for your test project. The solution is to wrap the grid and label with an AJAX Update Panel and set the grid's Enable Callbacks property to false. Thanks, Nick -------------------- Check if Search Engine is able to answer questions faster than I do! Why does the standard grid allows to update external objects or run functions that need to update related fields on the page, but the devx grid doesn't. Developer Express Inc disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

I got to the point where I thought I'd just try random things.But I have also proved that the On Item Updated routine never fires, even with the success of the Updating routine.My conclusion is that this combination of handlers is somehow controlled by the nature of the data source.Basically, it doesn't remember that it's in edit mode.Here is some needed bits of the code: Alternating Row Style-Css Class="grid Item" Header Style-Css Class="grid Head ms-alternating" Auto Generate Columns="False" Alternating Row Style-Font-Bold = "true" Row Style-Font-Bold="true" Data Key Names="Request Detail Inventory Item ID" On Row Deleting="grd Inventory_Row Deleting" On Row Canceling Edit="grd Inventory_Row Canceling Edit" On Row Editing="grd Inventory_Row Editing" On Row Updating="grd Inventory_Row Updating" Auto Generate Edit Button="true" Auto Generate Delete Button="true" Codebehind: protected void grd Inventory_Row Editing(object sender, Grid View Edit Event Args e) protected void grd Inventory_Row Canceling Edit(object sender, Grid View Cancel Edit Event Args e) protected void grd Inventory_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) protected void grd Inventory_Row Deleting(object sender, Grid View Delete Event Args e) protected void Reload Inventory Grid() Thanks for your help!When I commented this code, the entire application started to work as expected (the Row Updating event is raised when I click the Acceptar button). If it does not meet your scenario, provide a complete example (with all required classes and sample data) that illustrates the problem. Disclaimer: The information provided on Dev and its affiliated web properties is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.

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