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Cabrera played in the band Rubix Groove, which opened for artists like Cheap Trick and Third Eye Blind.Cabrera composed three songs that impressed a studio engineer, who then let Cabrera record a full-length album, Elm St., for free at Deep Ellum Studios.“I was never even supposed to be on reality TV, it just so happens that I dated two girls that happened to be on shows,” Ryan explained, adding that his music takes priority these days.“If my next girlfriend happens to be on a reality show and she asks me to be on it, I’m gonna be like ‘no! And despite the fact Ashlee married Evan Ross last year, the exes are on good terms, with Ryan admitting he attended the wedding.“Reality has become something completely different…There was no storyline or plots,” Ryan reminisced. I wasn’t trying to act on some show with my girlfriend. They had me talking with people I didn’t even know.” Totally feel you, Ryan — how many times have we seen a reality TV episode that’s so stilted the characters are almost reading from teleprompters?“With Audrina [Patridge on ] it was storylines; you do this, you do that. It’s great that Ryan is friends with his exes, but it hasn’t always been smooth-sailing for him.-inspired video which features a cameo from his pal Dennis Haskins, a.k.a. I’m out.’ I leave home, go on a road trip and see what happens from there…It’s a very positive upbeat song and the video is going to represent the fun part of it of whatever happens, happens.” VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Teases Possible Madonna Collaboration on New Album Cabrera, 32, teased that his album will echo the same sentiment as the new single.

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“I don’t hold any negative tone towards anybody really. I don’t see why there is any reason you can’t still be friends.” We love hearing that!

Ryan Cabrera’s new single “House On Fire” is the perfect mix of upbeat organic pop with a splash of indie-synths.

Not only does the catchy single mark Ryan’s triumphant return to the music scene, but his first full-length album in seven years is set for release later this year. “I’m having a really bad day and then I’m like, ‘You know what?

Cabrera's relationship with Ashlee Simpson inspired "Photo".

In 2006, Cabrera released the single "I Will Remember You".

PHOTOS: Jessica and Ashlee through the years At the birthday bash, the insider tells, Simpson encouraged Ross, the son of recording legend Diana Ross, to listen to her ex’s new work, “urging Ryan to play his new record for Evan so he could listen to it and maybe give him some insight on some lyrics that Ryan was struggling with.

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