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However I can't access the code for the buttons that call the macros and as a result I have failed to integrate the code into Excel for use. thank you Hi Nick, I have been struggling to find someone that knows how to explain to me how to write VBA for a cell to show the average pieces per hour or parts we run. Paste Special xl Paste Values End With End Sub Nick, First of all thanks for this great simple piece of code. I have a start and stop button assigned to Start and Termination functions. Insert Shift:=x1Down Call Duration End Sub Sub Termination() 'To stop recording and terminate process Application.It needs to look through entered data in a column every hour between set criteria times (example 5am to am) add up all the parts and post the average in the cell so everyone can see it. I'm not sure your Macro 4 (to end the loop) actually works. What I've done is added is a way to gracefully exit from the loop. So when I press start i see the Macro starting to work. On Time runtime, "Extractor", , False End Sub This was very helpful.To let your user know what state the macro is in, the following formula can be placed in any cell near the two buttons. Screen Updating = True Call Schedule_Refresh End Sub Sub Schedule_Refresh() Time To Run = Now Time Value("") 'Start the loop if A1 =1 If Range("A1") = 1 Then Application. Select End If End Sub Sub Refresh() 'Refresh everything Application. Sub Test2() Dim Last Col As String With Worksheets("Sheet2") Last Col = . Nick I've tried to follow the advice you have posted to run a monitor of open actions in a request system. On Time function attempts to access my code as below: "Cannot run the macro "O:\Engineering Requests\Request Monitor.xlsm'! The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled." As far as i am aware, all macros & Active X content is enabled and the code is writen within the same workbook. =IF(A1=1,"Refresh is Running", IF( A1 = 2, "Stop Command Sent", "Refresh is Stopped")) Some simple conditional formatting can color the text green, orange and red. It should be easy to cut and paste into any Macro Module. Select 'refresh once before cycle starts Application. On Time Time To Run, "Refresh" End If 'If A1 = 2 it means the abort process was started and has now ended 'So set A1 = 0 so that the spreadsheet knows the macro has actually stopped If Range("A1") = 2 Then Range("A1"). We use Variant data-type when we dot know the type of the data or to accept the multiple data types in a single variable.

But of course her change means you have to start all over with the copy and pastes… In the Oil and Gas industry, I constantly have monthly reports to assess the performance of our operating assets. Create a new worksheet and paste in all the charts you need for the presentation. To show the developer tab, click on the Microsoft Office Button and click Excel Options. Click Popular and then select the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon. Click on the Developer tab in the ribbon and click Visual Basic. In your VBA Editor window, click File = References. To make this easy, draw a rectangle shape in your Excel worksheet which contains all the charts you want to export to Power Point. Please enter your name & email address below and I will update you as soon as our class opens for enrollment. It’s almost , and you are going crazy trying to finish the presentation due for a monthly performance meeting the next morning. Just click your rectangle button then sit back and watch it run! Click here to download the example workbook and play with the macro. More than 650 students signed up and are now learning VBA each day.The model is refreshed, and now it just takes a LOT of copying, pasting, and positioning to get the Power Point ready. Click on the Create Power Point macro and press Okay. Thank you so much During my day job, I used to make a lot of presentations. I will be opening VBA class for enrollment again on September 5th (just one more month).This does not help the macro to stop, it just puts some signaling ont o the spreadsheet so that you can tell the user if the macro has actually stopped yet. The problem is that when I close the file, I get the following message; Run-time error '1004': Method'On Time' of object '_Application' failed Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here?This is important because closing a spreadsheet while a Macro is running is not pretty. Screen Updating = True I am unable to successfully include the following macro to get it to run every 1 min, appreciate your guidance on how to include my code. I essentially need my excel file to spit out a text document save of itself every 15 seconds.VBA code to delete rows based on cell value example will help us to delete rows based on a cell value from excel worksheet.

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