Sedating a patient


A DOCS Education member writes: I have a new patient coming in who is on methadone daily for his opiate habit.

Thus, modern day sedation involves more than tube tolerance and is now focused on the multifactorial individual needs of the patient.Too often as a resident I’ve had that 4-year-old girl with a facial laceration that I thought was going to do well with local anesthesia, and it turns out both the patient and I could have benefited from a little midazolam on board.Because I’m the type of physician that likes a minimalist approach, I often try to perform procedures with the least amount of sedation required.functional psychiatric cause for the abnormal behavior.The team must be diligent in their search for an organic cause for the patient’s behavior, remembering that a new onset of acute psychosis in patients older than 40 or under 12 years of age suggests an organic etiology.Learn about the principles and goals of sedation and analgesics, including medication choices, and the transition to extubation. Topics: Anesthesiology Licensing Information: All Rights Reserved In this video, Drs.

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