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They revealed no guile, only joy, innocence and an all-consuming lust for life, things he admired in a woman. “Ella, apart from the fact the former were gangsters and the latter lived almost entirely in Sherwood Forest, I’m not about to go chasing off around the world on one of your whims. Ella was a free spirit and who was he to stand in her way? It would be just after one in the morning where she was, a bit late to be up writing emails on a week night. Not even TV Foxx – it’s Stephen Foxx – but I guess I just wasn’t paying attention. But no, it wasn’t just the casual Americanisms that caused his bottom lip to curl and his nose to wrinkle in displeasure; it was the picture now firmly in his mind of Ella in the arms of a handsome jock with a Texan drawl and gigantic Harley Davidson that was most troubling. So Ella had not had her way with the handsome Texan. Had things gone differently, she might have tormented him with all the intricacies of their tryst, blow by sordid blow.

“We could have adventures together, like Bonnie and Clyde, or Robin Hood and Maid Marian . It’s not me, you know that.” She’d sighed and looked out the window, the dawn light framing her naked body so brilliantly, he thought her divine. I realised my mistake a nanosecond before hitting the send button, but it was too late. He was taken aback by the wave of jealousy that welled up deep inside, if that’s what the ache in the pit of his stomach was, or maybe he just needed to pee. Oliver momentarily considered deleting the email entirely. but no, on second thoughts, he’d find out what she had to say. Make her understand that even though he didn’t expect her to live like a nun, she didn’t have to be explicit; she should show a little consideration. “So he drove me home and do you know, he wouldn’t even kiss me goodnight! “Anyway, I’ve reached the conclusion that Baytown is clearly not where my spirit guide meant for me to be, so getting fired is a good thing really,” she continued.

Didn’t she consider for a moment he might not enjoy the thought of her with another man? “Would you believe, he took me to a prayer meeting! I didn’t come to America to feel unfulfilled and all the other boring stuff that makes up ninety per cent of people’s lives; I’m glad now I got fired, because it’s time for my other ten per cent to begin.

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