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Also, as you may have seen on television, law enforcement and others often act as decoys hanging out in chat rooms, representing themselves as underage teens, boys or girls.

Often these decoys will initiate flirtatious and sometimes sexual conversations in a general chat room and may even move to a private chat room for more explicit sexual chats.

Fortunately, the provision was never enforced because school bus routes were constantly changing and a Federal Judge enjoined its enforcement. What happens if a park or daycare opens nearby to where you live, or a law prevents you from taking part in church activities, or if you are homeless and have no fixed address?

The Tennessee Department of Correction provides access to this information for the user's convenience.) The Sex Offender Treatment Board is part of the Tennessee Department of Correction which manages the Board's legislatively mandated work including the Sex Offender Fund.

In 1995, the Tennessee General Assembly created the Sex Offender Treatment Board in the Department of Correction.

The General Assembly declared, TCA 39-13-702 (a), that the "...comprehensive evaluation, identification, treatment and continued monitoring of sex offenders who are subject to the supervision of the criminal justice system are necessary in order to work toward the elimination of recidivism of such offenders." To that end, the General Assembly charged the Board with these activities: Additionally, the Board was charged with researching and analyzing the program effectiveness, developing and prescribing an offender tracking system and developing a system for monitoring offender behavior.

Historically, the Board's work emphasized development of a statewide system of professionals specializing in sex offender treatment.

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