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The family of murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich refuted a shocking report suggesting he was in contact with Wiki Leaks before his death.

Well that and the ability for women to suckle their young.. Hopefully we will be able to set up the larger tournaments under there, as much improved access and "Drive-Thru" ability for weigh-ins should be made easy. Fishing has been pretty decent this week, and a buddy and I whacked em pretty good on Thursday morning, before we went crappie fishing.. We caught most of our fish on square bills in Sexy Shad pattern.. Best fish was about a four pounder on a spinnerbait.. These fish were transferred to PAW trailers and delivered to the county ramp here in Zapata to be distributed via boats, by PAW personnel and by volunteers who on their own time and dime, came out to help distribute the fish. It certainly runs counter to what I have been hearing.. I have a buddy who is still there and I'll get a report from him when he gets back. There are a few shallow humps that you can run across easily.. But I can assure you that there will be pop-ups, BBQ pits, lawn chairs, fishin' poles, and plenty of beer loaded onto every kind of vehicle imaginable and headed for the lake. And where the food is, the fish won't be too far away.. While we have dropped a few inches and gained a few inches the last two weeks. Which makes no sense, but Falcon fish do like shallow water.. And it was good to get away and not have to do anything.. Fact is that you can catch em on anything you want to throw. It has been a little spotty with the fronts, but I am declaring winter officially over in Zapata.. Here lately I have been pre-occupied with with this ailment I am dealing with. I was eating Advil Liqui-gels like chicklets a week or so ago.. Hopefully this stuff the doctor put me on will cure the problem.. But I have been watching this one commercial with particular interest.. It is made from some element originally found in Jellyfish.. So it takes your brain back to when you thought rationally.. Lower water levels have put in play some of the humps and deeper rock piles that the fish just were not on a year ago. But don't be dragging your sorry ass up to the hospital lookin for free care when your dumb ass OD's.. And personal liberty to run about and do as you wish, without harming other people, is the basis of Libertarianism.. I really signed on to tell you that it was cool and cloudy and a light breeze was blowing today, and I went to the Salado this morning and caught fish till I was tired of catching fish.. When you go in, stay to the right side of the channel.. But we were hampered by the wind, everywhere we went.. So that one ounce or bigger jig might be a good choice.. I guess by now I am just gonna quit worrying about it. A far cry from where we were just a few months ago.. Those that have manned up and faced the elements are catching fish.. But just let that damn wind stop blowing a bit and I am gonna get out there and...

New Hampshire has been known to switch places with Vermont when the rest of the nation isn't looking. We can't afford any more of your crap, or this country's going to go down the drain, plain and simple. House At-Large District): These two are competing for control of South Dakota's sole congressional district, which means that it's the big one, baby! Texas has the nation's greatest number of citizens who wish Obama would just try to take their guns.

(Sarcasm) For whatever reason, but mainly due to lack of diligence on the part of the federal government, the Rio Grande is still considered a navigable water way because it connects with the Gulf of Mexico. And so has a tiny bait that Strike King makes called the Rage Menace.. Now that I said that, there are several guys who will tell you to throw a different bait and you can do the same thing.. But the last couple of trips I have been back to fishing rocks.. Where points actually flatten out to the level bottom.. A lot of old houses are already dry in the marker ten and nine areas. Yeah a lot of the community holes are putting out fish.. Fishing the rocks along the river channel between marker two and four can get you bit. These law enforcement officers did a stellar job with crowd control, from what I saw. I do not know what there could possibly be to protest.. The team of Dowis and Hammond caught a seventeen plus pound stringer and won the big money..

Alabama has chosen to opt out of all state rankings for a few years while it figures some stuff out. The opening of the Grand Canyon created stiff competition for tourism dollars, causing smaller family-owned canyons in the area to close permanently. The state was discovered in June 1992 when Bill Clinton played saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show. The discovery of the Goddard coin, a Norwegian silver coin dating back to 11th-century Viking explorers, is believed to be evidence of the state's first functioning bed and breakfast. Environmental Protection: Activists are seeking to protect the fragile coastal ecosystem of Cape Cod, which contains one of the few remaining breeding grounds for the nation's beleaguered Kennedy population. The Sea (Deepest Affections): For Gloucester fisherman Joseph Horner, it remains unclear where his heart truly belongs. President): You Michiganders would just fucking love to be a swing state, wouldn't you? Your state isn't that complicated this year, and you're probably going to go for Hillary Clinton, so get over yourselves. Time (Love): In an electrifying, down-to-the-wire race, Kevin Williamson of Eden Prairie is racing across the state to stop his ex-girlfriend, Marlene, from marrying the wrong man. President): Because of a few antiquated provisions in state law, Missouri experiences the United States' presidencies eight years behind all the other states. President): The two candidates will face a heated competition for the hearts and minds of their shared insider connections in this state.

Senate): After serving 30 years in the Senate, Shelby's campaign has argued that he would be a danger to both himself and those around him should he be forced back into society. Senate): Mc Cain faces a tough race despite an inspiring personal story that includes surviving 19 years of torture in the Senate. Senate): Incumbent Boozman will face off against the former U. attorney for the right to not live in Arkansas at least four days a week. Insidious Papist influence first infected our previously pristine Protestant nation when the Diocese of Baltimore was created in 1789.

Memorial day is this Monday, and I reckon it is the traditional start of summer. Bathrooms are just a short walk away and I don't think anybody will miss the Porta-Potties.. If you come to Falcon any time soon, you may run into the Coast Guard at the boat ramp or out on the lake riding with the Border Patrol. This has certainly been a strange year for late north winds.. I got on a pile of fish on Sunday morning, and I am not sure I could have caught them all.. The best one was a 6-11 that I caught on a square bill in about one foot of water.. Not as good as Sunday, but I did beat on em pretty hard the day before. I have no idea if this is the building just south of marker nine that everybody calls Tits.. The ones on the south end are more decayed than the ones on the north end.. But if the water keeps dropping, I don't think it is going to be good. At least a lot of em But when that big wind picks up, most of us scurry to the boat ramp, like cockroaches when the lights come on.. We caught ours shallow on squarebills and flipping baits.. Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee.. But it was interesting to see the goings on of the convention.. You know the convention itself is a bunch of bullshit, with speeches that are mostly bullshit. Like always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call..

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