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To call the final week of “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” intoxicating isn’t simply being creatively descriptive. Referring one last time to the unfortunate cancellation notice the cast and crew received on Monday, Wilmore reassured the audience: “There has been a silver lining, you guys: All the free booze!”“Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee, a fellow former correspondent for “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” sent over several cases of wine on Tuesday; Wilmore cheekily imbibed her condolences during that night’s broadcast.

In all, the final episodes of “The Nightly Show” have had something of a topsy-turvy feeling to them. With the recession still visible in our rearview mirrors, and political uncertainty all around, surely the audience understood and appreciated the compulsion to knock back a few. All in all, “The Nightly Show’s” final episode was warm and consistent and not at all extraordinary, aside from a surprise appearance by Jon Stewart, who created and executive produced the show under his Busboy Productions shingle. There are all kinds of finales: ones that mindfully tie up every loose end, ones that make it obvious that the writers and cast are shoving the show off a cliff, and ones that part the audience with the show, leaving the feeling that the journey will continue on without the viewer.

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