Sidebar news feed not updating


Promoted posts, which members pay for, appear mixed in towards the top of your news feed regardless of settings.

A key issue that many Facebook members report is missing news feed information.

They remain puzzled after getting past the Facebook login and stare at the publisher or Facebook status box that asks, "What's on your mind?

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Access your Facebook News Feed Sorting Methods Customizing News Feed Items Hiding News Updates Un-hiding News Updates Community Q&A Your Facebook news feed is a list of updates and stories that are posted by the friends and pages that you follow on Facebook.

Ticker also only shows occasionally new posts/info...

My ticker and news feed are not updating, despite me logging out, clearing my cache, trying different browsers, et cetera.

If you're one of the few who can access the new design, you may wonder how the changes affect what surfaces on the homepage.

While Facebook's algorithms determine by default what appears in your stream, a few additional, new options give you much greater control over what appears in your News Feed.

I see only old posts and this is now going on for hours already..

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