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These are: To determine which of these species is growing in your yard or sitting in a nursery waiting for you to take it home, think like a botanist.The characteristics most likely to attract your attention, such as size or leaf color, are not always reliable indicators of species. I was actually headed to bed when the thought popped into my head that I didn't know what this year's color is. Since "Greenery" is all about growth, I am choosing to boldly declare that this is a sign from the universe that I've got some exciting growing to do—which is in fact is one of the things I noted in my recent birthday post. For all the years that I worked in my magazine job or at Big Picture Classes, I always knew the color of the year—always. I actually have a few friends that call this color of green, "Stacy green" because I am and always have been so completely smitten with a vibrant yellow-green.You'll find complete galleries of all the samples above in our members section, together with much much more.Christmas isn’t really Christmas without friends and family gathered around enjoying each others’ company, kisses under the mistletoe, giddy children waking up bright and early, cherished traditions, laughter filling the air, and kind deeds of service.

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Add in the countless cultivars available and differing growth habit due to site conditions, and the task can seem downright impossible. Simply focus on a few key features to narrow down your options, and identifying what sort of maple tree you have is no problem at all.

Of the many species of maple existing worldwide, only about 13 are native to North America.

Instead, look at reliable indicators for accurate maple tree identification like leaf shape and bark. Most maple species have simple, as opposed to compound, leaves with multiple lobes, the veins of which originate from a single, roughly central point on the leaf.

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