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features, search, payment options and informational pages on Taylor & Francis Online will be unavailable during this scheduled release.Articles will remain available for view or download, where access rights already apply.The court heard some of the Victorian charges mirror those Spedding faces in NSW and involve one of the same complainants.Mr O'Brien argued in the age of social media publication of the details of the Victorian charges against Spedding would lead to "perverse, unusual and bizarre results".Commerce in pine nuts is an old tradition in the Southwest, dating back at least a thousand years, and linking peoples of the Great Basin, the Colorado Plateau, and the Great Plains.

By the late 1980s, the combination of wide-scale clearing, excessive grazing, and fire suppression had created a landscape covered with fire-prone dense pinyon thickets.

Alleged paedophile William 'Bill' Spedding, who was previously questioned over the disappearance of missing toddler William Tyrell, will try to stop a NSW Supreme Court trial on unrelated allegations of child sexual abuse going ahead.

Spedding is due to face trial in Campbelltown next January over the alleged abuse of two girls in Sydney's south-west dating back to the 1980s.

For ten thousand years, human inhabitants in the Southwest also relied on pinyon trees, primarily for sustenance, shade, firewood, and building materials.

To this day, pinyon trees are sacred among the regions indigenous cultures, and pine nuts, the seeds of pinyon trees, are highly prized among Native American and Hispano residents for their flavor and nutritional value.

Living in a place of big horizons and sharply rendered landmarks is like having your own Stonehenge.

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