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yesterday (May 18), disaster struck Wellawatta, shattering the peace of an otherwise uneventful morning.The Excellency, a popular banquet…Timber Tales: Traditional Lankan Furniture And Their Origins When we think of traditional Sri Lankan furniture, our thoughts often go straight to the wooden chairs and storage chests that harken to the…

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This "Sinhala only" law was partly designed to address the imbalance of power between the majority Sinhalese and the English-speaking, Christian-educated elite.

The problem is compounded by the elephant's preference for crops such as sugar cane, bananas and other fruits frequently grown in the region.

In 1997, about 126 wild elephants were lost as a result of human-elephant conflict—a rate of about 2.4 elephants per week.

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Bracegirdle: The Young Anglo-Australian Behind Sri Lanka’s Independence Struggle After the Matale Revolt of 1848, the independence struggle in Sri Lanka was quiescent until the 1930s.

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