Stop firefox from updating


With Internet Explorer we have the ability, out of the box, to customize and lock down the settings to protect end users and business interests. Two of the most popular alternative browsers are Firefox and Chrome.They have slowly eaten away at the dominant IE market share practically since their inception.For Group Policy support, use Front Motion Firefox Community Edition.To deploy with extensions, use the Firefox Packaging Service.

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Instead download from the official Mozilla Firefox site.Note: if you are reading this article on September 20, 2016: Mozilla will release Firefox 49.0 today.It is already available on the FTP, but the roll out of the update may not have happened yet.Mozilla Firefox 49.0 was released on September 20, 2016.The release of the browser was postponed by a week due to two bugs in the previous version that required more fixing time.The i Macros bookmark dialog gives you the option to embed your macros directly into a link (bookmarklet) and share it with others.

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