Teairra mari and trey songz dating


Fabolous, Sean Kingston, Trey Songz, and “The City” star Olivia Palermo played Santa’s helpers at the New Yorkers for Children ACS Children’s Center makeover in New York City on Thursday (Dec. The celebrities helped assemble IKEA furniture for kids in foster care, making their holiday season a little brighter.

She also said her former roommate Melyssa is a “user” that has sex for pocketbooks!

), and you get a woman who has some common sense except where it counts but is holding onto some of that life-ain’t-fair resentment those who get close and taste the stardom have. What has Teairra Mari ever done worthy of note to warrant such accolade and belief? I think Teairra Mari had the chops, the look, the panache to be less than Beyonce but more than Ciara (basically Rihanna, there’s an argument here for another day about Rihanna versus Beyonce, beeteedubs). But the intent with her was to appeal to that street, Mary J, hiphop R&B lane, with a side of hoodratism, evidenced by the “No Daddy” song and video which featured Bad Black Movie Maven and Lifetime Achievement Award nominee, Clifton Powell.

Here’s the thing, I think she should have been a star. I’m guessing her handlers and her timing ruined what I believe should have been a real musical career. She gets a deal from Jay-Z with Roc-a-fella who has just taken over Def Jam then we get her first single “Make Her Feel Good” (a Mya-esque song in my opinion). Nobody seemed to love it but nobody hated it either. Look, releasing a song about how you made it without a daddy is an odd choice for a song.

Most people watching believe that Teairra Mari is a crazy bird who is hung up on a man who doesn’t want her.

None of this is inaccurate, though I’ve started to turn from my staunch view of her being a Ratchet Enthusiast Extraordinaire.

Yung Fly Movement (YFM), formerly known as Yung Boss Records, is an Los Angeles, California-based record label formed in 2005 by Ward which includes an in-house production team called the Yung Bosses.

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