Tokai springy sound serial dating


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1xxxxxx = 1981 (similar to Love Rock serials) but serial number system for Springies changed in 1982 3,4,5,6 and L 5-digit serials were used to replicate Fender serials of certain models. t contain any information about the year the guitar was built. And my knobs have green numbers instead of "standard" black, is this normal (stock)?

Okay, the Tokai Strat clone arrived a couple of days ago. Plugged it into a '64 Blonde Bassman head with 2 JBL D-120's and also a 864 Bassman with two Weber's - sounds great, plays great. I've studied most of the literature but I can't seem to find an exact match. Hi, I have a Tokai Explorer in a very pale orange sunburst. The head is not Gibson style but more of a pointed strat style. I also need to sell the guitar so if anyone is interested I would be happy to send photos. Hi I am looking to buy a Tokai Copy of of the Rickenbacker 330 colour Fireglo or trade my Tokai Goldstar sound for one email me if you are interested [email protected] Its a Les Paul Deluxe copy but can not find any serial number or identifying marks. I also noticed some loverocks are laquer nd some polyester. I was told it was a flame maple top from the store I bought it at ( but notice on Tokai's website some have a flame sycamore top. Top is a naturally finished (honey colour) in one piece lightly flamed. Neck is two piece maple with a rosewood finger board. I bought my sunburst "tele" copy used in 1987; s/n on neck plate is 21016; top of headstock has non-Fender shape; logo is newer style w/"Breezysound" centered above the larger rocker curve on the lower headstock. Looking for some info on a Sigma Electric I picked up a couple of years ago. View Item&ih=005&item=150044241891&rd=1&sspagename=STRK: MESE: IT&rd=1 Anyone have info. bought for backup to my 88 us strat, its sounds&plays just as good as my no.1 classic sounds from great pups(combination of woods and pups)these should cost twice the price, get one if you can and what are the specs? I was told it was a flame maple top from the store I bought it at ( but notice on Tokai's website some have a flame sycamore is an 04 NALS-45 Love Rock Tuxedo LP copy, Serial is as follows 04XXXXX. probably a 82 or 83 ST50 or ST60 , copy of a Fender 1956-1960 Spaghetti Logo ? up to 81 or so Springy Sounds had a 7-digit serial, so it ain? Hi guys, The stamps 10=5 are manufacturing stamps meaning that the neck and body are an original pairing. IMO, this guitar is a 1982 ST-50 - apart from the pickups, the square string tree also helps as ST-60 had a round tree and 'E' pickups. regards Peter Mac_________________The world will not end today...because it is already tomorrow in Australia.Finally I sent them pics of the headstock, because there is no familiar model names on it, like you see at the Tokai registry, and the guy who answered... told me it appears the one I have is not a regular production model. Thanks, if I can get a digital camera I'll email you some pictures of the head.

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