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A shared 45-minute flight from Houston to Arlington among eight fliers will cost 5 per head. Weather information is taken into consideration and shown on top of the list.

i OS: App Store Entrain is like an advanced alarm/calculator, for jet-lagged travelers.

However, as is common in an industry with so many moving parts, there's a real chance to consolidate things to save time, effort, money and so much more.

By conducting a meetings RFP at the same time as a travel RFP, procurement, marketing and in-house event managers have a value-added prospect - one that allows them to work more tightly to their budgets and improve service efficiency for stakeholders.

BCD M&I, a meetings and incentives company specializing in strategic meetings management (SMM), guided Philips to these savings.

Incorporating data analytics' value into corporate culture is essential to competing against digital disruptors.

Developed by researchers from the University of Michigan, the app requires users to input their sleeping habit data -- wake up time, bedtime, time zone and typical amount of light exposure received at home. A lighting schedule will be provided – sometimes the app will recommend complete darkness during the day or some hours of bright light -- from a lamp -- at night.

Travelers following the schedule should overcome jet lag faster.

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Use vendor normalization to eliminate data duplication and match every transaction to the relevant vendor so you can see exactly what’s being spent with each airline, hotel or rental car supplier and negotiate better discounts.Fancy a trip from Tokyo to Comoros, the archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean? A shorter domestic flight from San Diego to Las Vegas on a four-passenger jet costs ,800. " The Pack Point packing list builder isn’t just another checklist app -- it generates a customized list of items you should pack. Travelers enter some basic information: destination, date, length of their stay and purpose of the trip.Jet Smarter also offers an “empty legs” feature, in which users can share the empty seats and expense with other users. Then users can specify their agenda -- from “fancy dinner” to “international” to “baby” -- and the app calculates what should go in the suitcase.Dashboards and customized alerts allow you to easily monitor spend and identify questionable transactions, enforce policies and negotiate with vendors - helping you manage your budget more effectively and efficiently. We’ll show you how to easily access the data you need to control your company spend.In the MICE sector, requests for proposals (RFPs) can be time consuming and difficult to negotiate.Invoice management includes the following processes – invoice receipt from suppliers, sorting invoices based on various parameters, matching purchase order (PO)-based invoices, routing and approval of non PO-based invoices, exception management and discrepancy resolution.

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