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Some instructions for Word 2007 and above are included in the topics below.Issues peculiar to Word 2007 and above are discussed at the end of this article.An Auto Complete item would reduce your input effort, but either way, you'd still have to remember to update each instance if you change the original text.For example, let's suppose you want to display a document's title and major headings in the document's header." My intention is not to reinvent the wheel, so after a brief discussion I may simply send you on to an existing tips page or other web articles containing full explanations of some of the more comprehensive methods.Note: A lot of this material was prepared and posted before the release of Word 2007 and the introduction of Content Controls.Wouldn't it be great if you could link the header to the original title and headings? Many of the tips featured in Word Tips rely on the use of the special fields available in Word.

Some of the graphics and/or user interface controls I mention may be from Word 2003. See section 7, Content Controls, if you want to go directly to information about Content Controls introduced in Word 2007.Using Word's interface to insert fields is great while you're learning or if you don't remember all of a field's options.You can access fields as follows: For a complete list of fields, read Field codes in Word.You can bypass the interface and enter fields manually.Doing so takes a bit of practice, so don't be discouraged if you find this process a bit awkward at first: You can also enter the field code (the text) first, select it, and press Ctrl F9 to enclose the text in field braces. Note: Don't try to enter a field by typing brace characters from the keyboard; it won't work.If you change the actual title or heading text later, you'll have to remember to also update the headers.

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