Updating firmware for linksys router

Owners and administrators of Linksys home routers are being advised to update and secure their devices following reports of active attacks on a flaw present in at least two models.Researchers with the SANS Institutes Internet Storm Center have received reports of mass attacks on a remote access vulnerability in the Linksys E1000 and E1200.Don't update your firmware unless you think it is necessary.

Step 3: You will be asked to verify whether you want to flash the firmware. Step 4: Wait a moment while the firmware is upgrading.While the exact nature of the flaw being exploited is not yet known, early speculation is that the issue could be related to components using the home network administration protocol (HNAP).SANS noted that E1200 routers with the latest 2.0.06 firmware version seemed to be immune to the spotted attacks, but the E1000s – which are no longer supported – were not, even with the most recent firmware installed.This is somewhat permanent in that it can't be changed until a new firmware update replaces it.It also can't be removed like you can with software.Software is normally referred to as add-ons such as programs you run on your electronic device.

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