Updating line6 m13


«AMPLIFi® Remote 2.6» pour i OS et Android™ propose de nouvelles fonctionnalités rendant le jeu et les exercices plus stimulants.

Peaufinez votre technique avec des boucles de batterie et des accompagnements gratuits, enregistrés par des musiciens de studio.

The release will also feature a host of functional upgrades and a newly crafted set of impulse responses.

AMPLIFi® Remote 2.6 for i OS and Android TM introduces new features to help you practice and play in more inspiring ways.

«AMPLIFi Remote 2.6» offre d’autres améliorations visant à enrichir encore l’expérience AMPLIFi primée à maintes reprises.

It's like having a gigantic pedal board (without all the tangled cords and overloaded power strips) stuffed into a convenient, easy-to-use package.

Line 6, what are the chances of getting any updates to the M series?

They obviously are investing resources in other places right now.

When I hook up my cables, you can hear this buzzing when you turn the overdrive effects on, so there definately is a connection there, but when you plug the guitar in nothing comes through.

Hone your skills with free backing jam tracks and drum loops recorded by real studio musicians.

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