Updating suse kernel

also dont forget the "#| tee /etc/modprobe.conf" BUT: make a backup of your before (is a bit buggy).Copy the contents of your "lsmod" before rebooting so you will know what modules to load in case your NIC, soundcard, modem wont start up.You will need to be familiar with configuring Linux.

This article is about compiling a kernel on Su SE systems.

The package you use depends on your Linux release, and your support status with Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).

Note: The Oracle Preinstallation RPM installs the X11 client libraries, but it does not install the X Window System server packages.

The goal of this tutorial is to build a kernel rpm package that can be installed on the system, and that you can share with others and install on other Su SE systems which is a big advantage compared to the "traditional" way where you don't end up with an rpm package.

We must install command which we run later on: yast -i ncurses-devel Next we must modify a few tools that are needed to build our kernel.

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