User control not updating


When I click the Browse button in the User Control the Dependency Property "File Path" is correctly set (and the textbox gets the path string) but the model doesn't seem to work.

Additional info : If i use a normal textbox instead of the User Control ad i do the model is updated correctly when i type something in the box.

But every time I select an item from the Combo Box the UI does not update.

I'm having difficulties with databinding on my custom user control (s).I then realized that I did not update This also seems to happen when you have a usercontrol that references another usercontrol in the same namespace. For all of these, check the warnings in Error List and fix them. Every time I tried to regenerate the file, VS 2013 would write the same lines without the missing control.if you move the referenced user control to a different namespace the problem goes away Sometimes there might be errors in html like two controls having the same Id. The declaration needs to be added in the code behind, NOT in the design.cs, because it would be deleted each time the is changed.Anyone faced a problem while creating a User Control in a library then drop it in a Form project...change this control's e.g. The form designer sets it explicitly, yes, so you need to re-set it if you change the default.Back Color and rebuilding, changes are not reflecting in the Form project? change controls, drop new controls inside the control, updating is happening. You'll find that if you re-add the control, it will have the proper background colour.Register("File Path", typeof(string), typeof(File Browser Text Box), new Framework Property Metadata(string.

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