Validating package payload ideneb

Voilà déjà un moment que je voulais quitter Windows et n'ayant pas été complètement satisfait de Linux je me suis donc tourné vers un MAC OS X moddé.J'ai tenté de mettre leopard sur mon PC (ideneb 1.5 - 10.5.7), mais lorsque je lance l'install, il s'arrête à la partie "Validating package payload" (vu dans l'application Installer Log). Faut-t-il un bios patché ou y a-t-il un réglage à faire ?Hey,, Im trying to install iatkos v2.0 on my dell XPS m1330.Im trying to install it on a portable HDD, ive partitioned with 2 partitions, in MBR format, I them go on to install on the first partition, with no customization what so would i go about doing this, as when i extract the ISO with winrar the entire contents of the ISO is below 200kb. With the Kalyway I can not get past the booting procedure. On the wiki it says that i ATKOS v2 is compatible with my system. I've tried turning everything off in BIOS, including multi core processing and nothing works. Stupid question but did you format the drive into HFS (Mac OS Extended) Look on the forums about installing from a Flash drive (It can be done) Good luck Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it, this is driving me insane.If anybody has ANY suggestions it would be useful, as I don't seem to be getting many replies. Yes I did format it with MAC OSX Extended (journaled) , This is correct?This condition is necessary because Windows doesn't provide a method to detect the presence of an Exe Package.

Thanks Hey, I saw a "perposed fix" on the apple discussion forums.

The development lifecycle of cloud applications with JSON payloads typically involves continual upgrading and integration.

Each use case's additions or modifications can require changes to the application's JSON verification and conversion logic.

Installer Mac OS X sur votre PC grâce à Virtualbox, OUI, c’est possible.

La virtualisation consiste à faire fonctionner sur un seul ordinateur plusieurs systèmes d’exploitation comme s’ils fonctionnaient sur des ordinateurs distincts.

Faut-t-il prendre une autre distribution, et si oui laquelle ?

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