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À l'issue de chaque rendez-vous, les célibataires sont invités, chacun de leur côté, à émettre une appréciation confidentielle sur la personne qu'ils viennent de rencontrer, et à dire s'ils souhaitent la revoir (avec, éventuellement, un classement par ordre de préférence).

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The late 19th century saw the opening of countrywide "matrimonial agencies" catering to the lower middle classes. In the 1890s, newspaperman WT Stead invented a romantic social network, The Wedding Ring Circle, with letters from prospective lovers flying round the country via a central office. 1915 saw the launch of the Link, where people could advertise for spouses and friends too, but it was closed down by the vice police in 1921. The 1940s saw the opening of marriage bureaux, promising quality spouses, with small customer bases and unverifiable success rates.

ou see, with men," said Marjorie, a former dating agency matchmaker I recently interviewed, "if a man’s attractive, he just doesn’t need to, at any age, sign up to one of these things.

That’s why the model is flawed." arjorie was reflecting on commercial matchmaking in the 1990s. Now, it appears, the impresarios are not content with their handiwork.

Finally, in 1966, serial entrepreneur John Patterson saw a chance in copying an American dating service that matched people through a computer program, and launched Dateline on a giant IBM.

Thousands joined up, and this time, the police didn't intervene.

There is saying amongst women trying to date in Silicon Valley: The odds are good, but the goods are odd.

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