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” Mike Cernovich later said: “If you’re going to have children, you don’t want to live in a world where these people could potentially kidnap your children, make them disappear, sell them into all kinds of things, or who knows what.

And that’s what people are realizing now is the gatekeepers are gone.

The definition of atheism varies depending on who is defining it, so Day begins by dividing the irreligious into two categories—‘high church’ and ‘low church’ atheists.

‘High church’ atheists tend to be wealthy, highly educated and more law-abiding than the general population; they also share ‘undeveloped social skills …

Atheists often argue that science has disproved the claims of religion in general and Christianity in particular. Day accepts the definition of an evolutionary biologist, who gives a three-fold definition: science is ‘a dynamic body of knowledge (scientage), a process (scientody), and a profession (scientistry)’ (p. It is the second definition, science as a systematic study of the natural world through observation and experimentation, which Day refers to throughout the book.

Day contends that ‘it is impossible to entirely separate atheism from science, because scientific materialism has such an influence on atheistic thinking even in matters where science is not directly involved’ (p. Day argues that the five major religions of the world have been around for 116 centuries, collectively, without causing the extinction of humankind.

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They also pondered why the rate seems to fluctuate over time.

promoted an “alt-right” video on his Twitter account that suggests Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign is engaged in satanism and her aides are trying to “kidnap your children, make them disappear, sell them into all kinds of things.” The video features “alt-right” bloggers Vox Day, who claims blacks are inferior to whites, and Mike Cernovich, a rape apologist. retweeted the video, in which blogger Stefan Molyneux talks with Cernovich and Day about the “spirit cooking scandal”: The "spirit cooking scandal" refers to a hacked email posted to Wiki Leaks in which lobbyist Tony Podesta asked his brother, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, if he wanted to attend a “spirit cooking dinner” hosted by performance artist Marina Abramović.

Trump supporters have used the invitation to claim that Podesta and the Clinton campaign are Satan worshippers.

He has tweeted that “I support white nationalism.” He also tweeted that “I am an Alt Right nationalist, I'm American Indian.” Day has a long history of racism.

He has tweeted that African-Americans have lower IQs than others, are more prone to violence, and are worse than an atomic bomb for a city: As for the idea of stronger blacks and smarter Asians serving whites, that could not be further from my own position on ideal interracial relations.

In fact, I very much like women and wish them well, which is precisely why I consider women’s rights to be a disease that should be eradicated.

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