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This API is open to verified Subscription and Service accounts.Developers can set the menus seen by users by matching against the following attributes: Also covers information about updating customized menus.Making an Appointment with Escorts in Beijing After you finding the escorts or working girls on Wechat, you can begin your chatting.Any age welcome, whether sexy or chubby, basta want & willing.Based on these matching rules and in order to avoid confusion about effective menu times, we decided not to provide a customized menu editing API.Developers should release their entire settings again when they need to update menus.With many suspecting it to be a deliberate set up by Uniqlo to market their brand.

When a follower and an official account have corresponded by message, the official account can receive the follower's Open ID.

If an Official Account has a default menu, a first customized menu, a second customized menu, and a third customized menu, the third one will be first matched when a user enters the pages of an Official Account.

If the matching proves to be successful, the page will be returned to customized menu 3, otherwise customized menu 2 will be matched until a menu has been successfully matched.

The Matchrule has six fields, all of which may be blank.

However, there should be at least one matching criteria that is not blank.

The Open ID is a unique encrypted We Chat ID for each user of an official account, and users can have separate Open IDs corresponding to different official accounts.

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