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The true Independent Fundamental Baptists have no association or fellowship with these churches because they teach or practice things contrary to the New Testament.The name Fundamental Independent Baptist is of recent origin and came into being because many modern day Baptist churches compromising the Word of God and teaching and practicing false doctrines.

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To the right, a closed door to the church which adjoined the house.

"I felt like I would be such a jackass to go on and post something like that," she said." In 2011, she developed a secret online correspondence (dating outside the church was strictly forbidden) with a male Twitter user she called "CG," and over a game of "Words with Friends," the two began an intense emotional affair; CG's liberal and accepting ideas started to rub off on the isolated Megan.

So much so that one day, after viewing photos of a famine in Somalia, Megan burst into tears.

He ran as fast as he could, back through the three rooms and out of the door into the night.

Nate had no idea who had heard him or who, if anyone, was coming after him.

Others have to a lesser degree compromised the Word of God by their teaching, practices and church polity trying to confront to popular religious tends.

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