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Dominic became a Christian as a student in the early eighties.

Over the following years, he became convinced of the need to hold firmly to the Bible as the basis for Christian belief and practice.

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Cooper depicted James Bond author Ian Fleming in the television mini-series Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond in 2014.

He is also best known for his performance in Mamma Mia! He was also seen in The Duchess, An Education and Horne & Corden.

Alongside Helen Mirren and Margaret Tyzack, he also appeared in Phedre at the National Theatre as Hippolytus in 2009.

The "Red Riding Hood" star, who appears on the magazine's April cover, simply said: "Um, yeah.

I've been 'seen' with him."Still, the actress went into great detail about her failed relationship with ex-boyfriend Dominic Cooper.

The actress admitted she "dated" "True Blood" star Alexander Skarsgard."He's superfunny," she said, "but I was too involved with Dom."Seyfried has spent the past several months filming "Now" with Justin Timberlake, one leading man whom she said it doesn't "suck making out with."The actress now has her sights set on actor Michael Fassbender."I'd really love to make out with [him]," she said. "And that's gotten me into trouble.""I talk like I know what I'm saying, but I don't," she added.

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