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The magnificent host Ed Lover and Quinn & the Jukeboxx were all in place ready to rock out the night. Newcomer to the arena Sandye Redd, who is definitely no stranger to the stage, took the crowd by storm.La Tocha Scott, formerly of Xscape, took to the stage with her new group. They certainly have a great leader and hopefully she will be able to steer them away from making the same mistakes Xscape did back in the day so they can have a long musical career together.He was in an on and off relationship with reality star Kylie Jenner from 2014 to 2017.In 2010, he released the mixtape Fan of a Fan with Chris Brown and other famous rappers.Soul Train.com: Do you have a name for the album yet? Soul Train.com: That’s some great advice to all of you independent artists out there. Now, your sound has been described as very 90s-influenced yet still relevant.Dondria: I don’t have a name for the album yet, but I can give you an exclusive on the single title, which is “Little Things.” Soul Train.com: Great! It’s not too uniformed right now because it started out as just fun, and now I’m making that transition into making it something bigger. The winners will get studio time or a song with me or something special. Is that something that’s transitioning into the new album?This question came from Twitter, from @Green Eyed Creole. This next one that I do in 2013, I want it to be in an actual venue. Dondria: I am, for the most part, keeping the same formula.

“Now he’s holding marketing meetings online with the fans! I think Ludacris is the only one that’s got a good deal [with a major label] now.

Last to hit the stage was Atlanta’s very own Dondria.

It seems like just yesterday when Jermaine Dupri found this beauty on Youtube and introduced her to the masses.

“How would you feel if the woman you loved blamed you for ruining her career and now she’s dating a billionaire? JD told a writer that rumors of his separation from Janet are mere “assumptions” — despite the fact that Janet has apparently moved on with her life.

A friend tried to explain why Dupri seems to be in denial. This is the first time that he’s tried to do this [running a label] on his own.

On the carpet were actors from the show including Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny, Brittany O’Grady, and Amiyah Scott.

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