Who is haley reinhart dating

If Scotty has also enrolled in the Toscano and Ballas school with her, he’s failing all of his classes because he was just not sellin’ it.

Thrown together in the emotionally charged atmosphere of American Idol, contestants are bound to become close.

At the end of the show, Casey and Haley still only had eyes for each other, joking around on stage and making each other laugh. Lauren has clearly enrolled in the Pia Toscano and Mark Ballas School of Public Romance because she was trying super-hard to be cutesy with Scotty, repeatedly putting her arm around him and grabbing his hand.

And it seems that for two of this year's hopefuls a romance has even blossomed.

Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart are said to have begun dating after being closely confined with the other finalists in the American Idol house.

Zap2it attended the Top 6 taping on Wednesday, Apr.

27, and witnessed a lot of flirting between the two. When the contestants left the stage, Casey held out his hand to help Haley, who was wearing 4-inch heels, down the stairs. ) Alas, she didn’t see the kind gesture, but playfully slapped him a few seconds later.

She is a very bright girl, has got a smiling face, lovely eyes and hot lips amongst others.

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