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Third, Le Brun contributed to the development of international art trade.

While the European art trade thrived primarily on a social network of aristocrats and art agents, in the first half of the eighteenth century Gersaint more or less introduced Dutch painting to the French market.

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I come to the realization that I just need to walk away and that it’s not worth the trouble. Okay, I added the italics above, but “best friends” my ass!

The dance was gorgeous and passionate and was clearly about something more than a platonic male friendship.

In various publications he wrote about artistic education and artists, predominantly about the painters of the Although Le Brun was not a great artist, no more than his father, he always regretted having been forced to give up his painting career prematurely.

As is clear from his personal introduction cited above, he would always consider himself first and foremost a painter .

Like his father, Le Brun mainly sold paintings, drawings and graphic work.

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