Windows reboots while updating

My laptop doesn't have an optical drive to boot from a cd, nor do I have a flash drive with a recovery version of Windows on.

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Below are the steps on how this feature can be disabled and enabled in Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.Unfortunately without booting into Windows the registry cannot be fixed, leaving the operating system unreachable. In order to overcome this problem, the tools provided in the Windows 7 System Recovery Options can be used.First you will need to boot your computer into the System Recovery Options screen.Writer Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of CNET sister site ZDNet wrote about his travails trying to install the update on Sunday and getting stuck in a series of reboots.I installed the update on Sunday, but it ran smoothly on my Windows 10 Lenovo laptop.After a while it had finished installing and restarted again but this time as soon as it switches to the Windows logo an error message appears for a few seconds saying there has been an error and it needs to restart after gathering information about why this error happens.

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