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Also included in the Appendices are: Artifacts Checklist, Artifacts Possibilities; Rubrics to Use in a Portfolio Checkpoint System; Self-Assessment Sorting Exercise for Determining Values in Teaching; Transcript of a Sample Junior Checkpoint Conference.

It focuses on how to foster teachers' professional growth and use the portfolio to document that growth. Portsmouth: Heinemann Mc Laughlin, Maureen; Vogt, Mary Ellen (1996). Professional Portfolio Models: Reflections Across the Teaching Profession. Published by ASCD, it covers types of portfolios, the portfolio development process, the benefits of portfolios, and portfolio management. Ross Brewer and Bena Kallick, "Technology's Promise for Reporting Student Learning," presents a vision of how online digital portfolios can enhance communication as well as provide more information to parents and the public, who are increasingly interested in student achievement.

The two processes are closely intertwined: growth without documentation remains too private; documentation without growth is too trivial." (p.vii)This little book can be shrink-wrapped for free with a variety of Merrill textbooks in Teacher Education. One of the best books on elementary student portfolios. An excellent book on how this principal's school developed the portfolio process over more than a decade, with remarkable success. Becoming Reflective Students and Teachers with Portfolios and Authentic Assessment Washington, D. Porter, Carol & Cleland, Janell (1995) The Portfolio as a Learning Strategy. Written by two high school language arts teachers, this book is filled with many examples from their classrooms.

Dietz, Mary E.(2001) Designing the School Leader's Portfolio. Leading the Professional Portfolio Process for Change.

Arlington Heights: Skylight Professional Development Glatthorn, Allan (1996). Arlington Heights, IL: Skylight Professional Development Wyatt, Robert L.; Looper, Sandra (1999) So You Have to Have a Portfolio. Poutsmouth: Heinemann This book focuses on college level portfolios and specifically writing portfolios.

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