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We then say a few words about the role of interfaces in the library design, which is a little different than the norm. Usage examples for instant are delayed until the following sections of the guide.Examples for interval, duration and period may be found in the appropriate section in the "Key Concepts" part of the documentation.This table gives information about the date of bringing into use of planned and non-planned satellite network frequency assignments.The notified frequency assignments appear in this list after their publication in Part I-S of the BR IFIC.The official confirmation of bringing into use is the publication in PART I-S and PART II-S of the BR IFIC.For more information about the procedure of bringing into use, please refer to the Circular letter CR/343.

For more general information on the Public Datasets, please start with Access Public Datasets , or check the help links on the side.The most frequently used concept in Joda-Time is that of the instant.An Instant is defined as a moment in the datetime continuum specified as a number of milliseconds from 1970-01-01TZ.These functions are compiled inline, meaning the conversion code is part of the code that evaluates the expression.Sometimes there is no call to a procedure to accomplish the conversion, which improves performance.The Bureau is also publishing bringing into use information submitted in conjunction with a submission under § 4.1.12/4.2.16 of Appendices 30 and 30A (Part B) or § 6.17 of Appendix 30B (A6B).

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