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Fior di latte, Amato shared, which does not have the same amount of moisture as mozzarella.It is often used in cooking, such as on top of pizzas, for example.It's a multi-billion dollar market, and while it's done a lot of good for thousands, if not millions of couples, it's still very inefficient, as we highlighted in HOW TO: Get More Responses in Online Dating.Gelato is targeting this problem, and it's doing it with social media integration.This post is part of Mashable's Spark of Genius series, which highlights a unique feature of startups.

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I noticed another tub of what from a distance looked like mozzarella.If your relationship status in Gelato matches the one on your Facebook account you get some more points (35).In the end the Scoop Rating system is designed to show other members how honest you are.For example, each social networking account that you verify with Gelato, they will give you 25 points in the rating system.If you have at least 25 friends in Facebook, you get an additional 25 points.Das partnerschaftliche Verhltnis macht es fr die leidenschaftliche Liebe schwierig.

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